Feature: The Times, How to Spend It

"With Valentine's Day in mind, Angela Flanders commissioned Tiffany Anne Tondut to pen an ode around 'Precious One's' sensual composition..."

"...Tondut believes this poem is one of her more unusual and modern pieces - and no, it doesn't rhyme. Offbeat, gently provocative..."

Read the full article by Vicci Bentley here in The Financial Times website 'how to spend it'

Interview - Penning Perfumes Anthology


What drew you to the penning perfumes project? Were you always interested by scents?


Tim Wells alerted me. The concept excited me. Perfume can be just as powerful, evocative and passionate as poetry so the chance to combine them hooked me...


Read the full interview between Claire Trévien and Tiffany Anne Tondut here.

The Guardian online

Pennings Perfumes: when scent and poetry mix. A new anthology inspired by perfume is a reminder of how important smell is to literature...

"After hearing Tiffany Anne Tondut's poem the rabbit is dancing in the garden - in which french and english lovers exchange sweet riens - Angela Flanders, the creator of the scent ambre noir, heartily agreed..."

read the full article, including Tiffany's poem, here.

Festival of Britain

When Tiffany Anne Tondut finished performing her set 'Future Vintage' for The Southbank Centre's Lit Fest 2011, she was caputured by artist Beverly Fry.

"For the duration of the festival, artist Beverly Fry has been sketching and painting her way through some of the highlights... below are some of the beautiful images from her sketchbook..."

Fry's portraits include Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage. You can see more of her work here.

Future Vintage at The Royal Festival Hall

At the time of the Festival of Britain, who could have imagined that 60 years later there would be such a craze for all things vintage? In a weekend that looks both into the past and forward to the future, Southbank Centre welcomes Tiffany Anne Tondut...

"Tiffany, complete with veronica lake curls, sashaying skirt and red-stained mouth started proceedings with..."

Read the full review here.


Eyewear Focus on: Tiffany Anne Tondut

"Eyewear is very glad to feature a poem by Tiffany Anne Tondut - pictured - this blustery London Sunday. Tondut is a confessional poet, performance poetry tutor at The City Lit and columnist for The Chap magazine. Born in 1981 and raised in Cambridge..."

Read the full article and poem here.

Recorded by Phonographies

Tiffany was recorded on a wax cylinder for a project called Phonographies created by Aleks Kolkowski. Recordings were held at Resonance 104.4 fm, London, on March 24th 2011, and aired a few weeks later. She immortalised her voice the old fashioned way with poets including John Citizen....

Hear the full poem here.